Sports cam 4k ultra hd wifi now tv live chat not working

Review: Amkov AMK7000S 4K Ultra HD WiFi Sports Action Cam - 4K Ultra HD WiFi Camera with Slo-Mo Serene-Life sldv4K Cam - 4K Ultra HD WiFi Camera Wi-Fi App download link: AMK iCam The app works pretty good and has a lot of options like zoom, photo, video, settings etc. Including option to set loop time. The camera menu doesn't have loop option. However, even setting this doesn't make videos to loop and card gets full with no overwriting. H2 Ultra HD 4K WiFi Action Camera -.83 Free Shipping Note: Wifi connection is buggy. Transform Serene into Extreme - with the SereneLife 4K action! This compact and high-powered pocket sports cam features the unique Slow-Motion recording ability! Capture all of the intense action in Slo-Mo then show-off every detail in stunning.


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